Paolo Palatini osteopath / naturopath  
  Praxis für Osteopathie und Naturheilkunde Paolo Palatini
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My Practice in Heiligenberg
near Überlingen
on Lake Constance
Tel. 07554 - 986 49 22 (AB)



Moderne Naturheilkunde Osteopathie, Podo-Orthesiologie und NIS

  Recognized as a therapist
  Paolo Palatini
has run his own practice for
osteopathy / naturopathy
since 1991.
Modern Naturopathy

Osteopathy, Podo-Orthesiology and
Neurological Integration System (NIS)
  button"I believe that the soul and body interact. A change in the state of the soul
produces a transformation in the structure of the body;
and vice versa, a change in the structure of the body modifies the constitution
of the soul.“ button    Aristotle
Griechische Heiler, antikes Relief
Welcome to my Practice for Osteopathy and Naturopathy

As an osteopath / natural health professional with my own private practice, I treat infants, children (I have an additional qualification in children’s osteopathy) and adults up to an old age.

I speak German, English, French and Italian.

Paolo Palatini
Practice for osteopathy / naturopathy

Zum Mühlöschle 12
88633 Heiligenberg

Phone 07554 986 4922 (automatic answer machine)

Heiligenberg is near Überlingen on Lake Constance.

How to get here

By public transport:

pfeilbus 7379 from Überlingen towards Heiligenberg (approx. 40 minutes' drive)
pfeilget out in Steigen Ort
pfeilwalk towards Gasthaus Hack (Am Bühl)
pfeilafter 100m turn left into Mühlenweg
pfeilafter approx. 20m turn left again into Zum Mühlöschle

House no. 12 with my practice is on the right-hand side of the road.

By car

From Überlingen drive towards Heiligenberg Steigen. For more details, see the google map above.

There is sufficient parking space in front of the house.

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